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GOSTEVAJA Rectangle Gazebo

In recent years, gazebos become a fixture for a comfortable stay in the country site. But longitudinally often do not suit us size, design and price of finished products.

So why not build a pergola to give their own hands? In this case, it is desirable to have a drawing of the villa gazebo, in order to be able to calmly consider all the units and calculate the amount of materials needed for future construction.

The figure shows gazebos "Guest" and as is clear from the title, thanks to a fairly large size - 3 x 4.5 m, it can accommodate all guests and households, for a holiday or a holiday vacation, and inside there is a place not only for table and chairs, but also, for example, garden swings and barbecue oven.

After examining the accompanying drawings, we can see that at the heart of the project lies pergola post-and-girder construction and truss system replaced frames.

Optionally, you can perform a file of gables and ceiling, but if you leave them open it will help to create additional volume and complex scheme rafters and beams of the roof will be a wonderful decoration of interior villa gazebo.

We hope that our drawings help you create a pergola to give his own hands, and it will become one of the favorite holiday destinations.