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SADOVAJA Rectangle Gazebo

It's pretty simple, and even in something, if I may say so, primitive in its design furniture, and it can be recommended for the construction of their own hands, even those who have no experience erection of such projects.

In many ways it is similar to previous construction projects arbors on our portal, we offer to build with their own hands. Gazebo stands upright fixed using studs and mauelatov. Floors plank so that between the boards remained a small gap in the 2 - 5 mm, which will compensate for the expansion of the sexes in the autumn - winter period, and will not allow form puddles on the floor. Roof rafters rest on the ridge beam, which facilitates their installation alone. After installing it on top of the reinforcement plates OSB on both sides. It is necessary to remove some of the load to the ridge beam. To not have to subsequently hemming roof rafters from below, it is better to make a solid roof battens of planed boards.

The only crucial moment pergola design is the creation of spikes on the ends of the sample racks and nests in mauelatah. These operations are best done in advance. The spikes on the ends of racks are marked quite simple: to retreat the required distance from the top of the post 40 mm on all sides do nadpily circular saw and then carefully Cut down all unnecessary manual hacksaw. Nests under the thorns is most easily done in the following way: select the right size drill down 40mm diameter, and drill a hole to the required depth, all the excess is removed using a chisel.