One-storey house DELAWARE 53

Well, as usual, everything started with pictures ... seeing the visualization of the design, which served as a starting point, it was decided to implement something similar in my plot. There were also some points in planning, which I would like to correct.

Delaware 53 floor plan
Delaware 53 floor plan

First, a provision was made for two bedrooms and a small sauna in the initial version. First of all, it was decided to decline from one of the bedrooms, since in the case of the two bedrooms, there would be a high probability of that such construction would be restricted by this complex only but it was supposed to be a testing model for ideas prior to the construction of a large house and a sauna for children in the future.

Considering the above stated, one bedroom had been removed, thus increasing the sauna and the bathroom, so that 2-3 people could be in the sauna at the same time, and a hot tub could be set in the bathroom.

The large common area of the kitchen-cum- dining space was decided to preserve, and sheathe the open terrace part by strip just as in the initial version and use as firewood storage.

As far as the constructional design is concerned, conventional concrete slab of 200mm thickness was chosen as the foundation. A layer of foam as a heat insulator shall be laid in the "Heating" zone, on which the under-floor heating shall be arranged. "Double frame" technology was chosen for the wall construction: the exterior walls are assembled from 50x150mm boards with OSB sheathing, spaced at intervals of 625mm, and then an additional loop from 50x100mm board, spaced at intervals of 600mm is put under interior decoration, for example, gypsum plasterboard or other sheet materials. The ceiling heat insulation is also increased to 300mm: 200mm of it is laid between the rafters and 100mm is laid along additional cross rafters.

Front porch of Delaware 53
Front porch of Delaware 53

All these measures shall reduce the energy consumption of the house. In the example given, I would like to see whether it is a double frame technology, and an increase in the thickness of the insulation upto 25cm significantly reduce the cost of house heating, or the game is not worth the trouble and excess payment for heating in a "usual" frame house is not so significant as to get involved in "double" frame.

Delaware 53: Perspectives and Elevations
One-storey frame house DELAWARE 53
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Drawing of one-storey frame house DELAWARE 53
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