Small house UTAH 40

Project of frame house Utah 40 (FH-40) was conceived as an experiment to develop a lightweight frame. As usual, the project will be developed from the original idea to put on the site for something simple, inexpensive, and that you can build quickly, without special skills and knowledge, - a sort of enlarged version of the cabins, complete with outdoor kitchen.

As for the layout, it was conceived, it includes a large terrace of 16 m2 for summer gatherings in serene days, hall, kitchen and two adjoining rooms area of 13.4 m2 each. Later used as a bedroom, and your neighbor as living.

Thus, the house allows for a fairly comfortable living for a family of 3-5 people and, if necessary, in the case of the arrival of guests, arrange 2-4 additional beds. Also in the house there is a small bathroom, further you can set the washing machine.

Since the house is designed to stay only in the warm season, the thickness of the insulation of walls and ceilings laid 10 and 15 cm. Respectively. And in order to facilitate assembly of frames for the walls at home, and do not waste time lining double racks of them decided to give - for a small construction based OSB sheathing frame is permissible.

Views of small house UTAH 40

In principle, it would be worth little to optimize the size of the house, but it was impossible because of the already installed pile foundation, which had become attached. With the same purpose as a simple gable roof selected truss structure with the ridge beam.

One-storey frame house UTAH 40
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Working drawings of small house UTAH 40
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